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Good tools make better products. Our new/rebuilt German Fortuna skiving machine. The best edge skiving machines are the old Fortuna's like this. Hard to find, but last forever. Skiving is a process that shaves the back of the leather on edges to make cleaner folds. We also edge skive most of our 2layer belts to give the edge a little definition and taper. #madeinusa #leathercrafting

  • Posted on   09/15/14 at 05:00:00 PM   by Tom  | 
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matt 03/04/16 01:22:32 PM

Wow these machines seems to be very heavy to handle.I think two or three people must be appointed on this.
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Rahul 03/29/16 07:12:07 PM

I agree.That If you have the tools you need then it motivates you to give your best.and the outcomes always blessed by People.
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brock 09/23/16 11:25:52 AM

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brace 10/12/16 06:04:01 PM

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John 10/13/16 09:53:08 AM

High-quality tools build enhanced products our original/rebuild appliance. The most excellent perimeter skiving equipment is the mature similar to this. Durable to discover, except previous eternally. Skiving is a development cheap college research papers so as to shave the flip side of the leather on ends to compose cleaner folds. Everything superior at that point while it makes an enormous tool, excluding for that creation assessment resolve be behind in the market.

Rose 10/17/16 12:29:50 PM

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marson 10/19/16 09:27:54 AM

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kollinboss 10/19/16 02:19:57 PM

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Sarah 10/24/16 11:49:34 AM

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