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April 2015 

A day in our San Diego, California Leather Shop...


In 2005 we moved to our current location in Barrio Logan, San Diego with a vision to expand our American manufacturing. With consumers starting to ask for more American made products and our own desire to have better control of both quality and our own growth, we were ready to embark on this challenge.  Today, we employ about twenty people, all working under one roof to design, create and build authentic American made leathergoods the way they used to be made.  We have more than thirty-years of leather experience as a company and centuries of experience in the great men and women that build our products today.  We  are proudly using the finest materials in the world from HORWEEN Leather in Chicago, American Bison leather tanned in the US and premium hardware finding from Ykk USA, RiRi (Switzerland) and waxed canvas from British Millerain. Below are some shots from around our Leather Shop in 2015.  


Fed is one of our most skilled leather craftsman and has been making leather belts since the age of 16.  He touches almost every single belt that leaves our shop, in one process or another. 

Fed is hand cutting leather straps Fed hand staining belts


 All of our handsewn wallets are made from Genuine Horween Leather.  Tanned & finished in Chicago since 1905

 Horween Horsehide Wallets 


Heidi Honkavuori-Harlor (Lead Designer)

Heidi is our first in-house designer. She comes to us with a wealth of experience (15-years) as a designer.  Here she is hand sketching leather watch strap designs for a project with NIXON USA

 Heidi hand sketching watch straps for a Nixon project   

 Hand staining wallet edges  Leather Bins


Taking the flame to leather edges    Die cutting leather bags   Bison Utility Kits

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Asa W 05/29/15 09:06:21 PM

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