American Bison are truly remarkable animals and indigenous to North America some 1,000 or more years ago. A quintessential part of America’s history, that represents the unbridled freedom of our great country, there is truly no leather more American than American Bison. Like the Bison itself, the hides are rugged and bold with more pronounced grain and texture and stronger tensile strength than almost all leathers. 

American Bison are for the most part free-range animals and very aggressive between each other. Because of this and other factors, Bison hides are a very rugged and natural. You will find more natural scarring and scratches than most common leathers. This gives the leather true character and is part of what makes Bison products truly unique, no two hides are alike. Our cutters do their best to place these marking in less visible areas of the product, but it is impossible to completely hide them. Please consider this when ordering Bison products.

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  • description: Naked Full-Grain Bison
  • used for: V29, V5169, J279, J269, B490, B460, BPL1, P89
  • thickness/weight: 1.2-1.4mm  (3.5-4oz.)
  • colors: Black, Deep Brown, Cognac
  • leather temper: Soft, glovey, drapey
  • details: This was developed exclusively by us with our tannery. It is a perfect leather for garments as well as ladies handbags. It has a very natural grain and texture with a matte (not shiny) look. A little top wax and oil is added to give some contrast in tones and even out the color, so it is not 100% naked leather.  You won’t find a more natural and rugged looking hide. 



  • description: Full-grain, vegetable tanned, shrunken Bison
  • used for: BL400, BL409, CB300, CB310, CB360
  • thickness/weight: 1.8-2.0mm  (7-8oz.)
  • colors: Deep Brown, Cognac
  • leather temper: Stiff and firm
  • details: An amazing hide with character not to be rivaled. These hides are environmentally friendly with very little chromes used and mostly vegetable tanned. The skins are tumbled and shrunken to exaggerate the natural pebbling that is already prevalent in Bison hides. The result is a bold leather with fabulous texture and natural, uneven pebbling. Too heavy to make a complete bag from, but perfectly suited for flaps, trim and belts.  


  • description: Full-grain, oil pull-up Bison
  • used for: WT200, WT220, WT240, BL165, BL153, B300, B350, B330
  • thickness/weight: 1.6-1.8mm  (5-7oz.)
  • colors: Distressed Brown
  • leather temper: Firm yet pliable
  • details:  Maybe our most rugged and unique bison leathers, our oil-tanned Bison hides have a reddish/brown tone with heavy oils and waxes that when pulled and scrunched will show great undertones and contrasting colors. Oil-tanned leathers are often used in men’s work boots and high-end upholstery (couches and chairs). The hides will feel a tad on the stiff side initially (some vegetable re-tannig involved) but break in like a good pair of boots in time. One of our favorite leathers to work with.