Bison Passport Sleeve #655


 The Bison Passport Sleeve No. 55 is a straightforward design. The perfect passport sleeve for the person setting out on an adventure. Designed without seams or stitching. One piece of Bison is cut and constructed with brass rivets and hand-painted edges.


Type: Accessories



Securely stores your passport
Hand-painted and waxed edges



Dimensions: 4 ¾” x 3 ½”
Made In USA 



Leather: US Tanned Genuine American Bison Leather (5-6oz)
Hardware: Solid Brass Rivets| Antique (WN) or Nickel (BK)
Lining: Backed leather - unlined
Embossing: Foil | Gold (WN) or Silver (BK)


Bison Collection

    The American bison has long been a quintessential part of America’s history and the unbridled freedom of our great country. We work closely with our tannery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to develop a beautiful finish to our exact specifications. The skins go through a detailed shrinking process that accentuates the already bold and textured appearance of the hide, giving this tough and rugged leather a distinct appearance that can’t be replicated by any other material.
    Our Bison Collection is designed to embrace and showcase the natural scarring and texture variations that make this leather so special. The full collection is crafted by hand from start to finish in our San Diego leather shop, with solid antiqued brass hardware, refined details and CCW pockets where noted.