Bison Laredo Vest (2018)

Coronado Leather

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The classic “Western Vest” is a staple in every man's closet. Crafted from a tough American Bison leather in a natural grain with a matte-finish. 

This is the last run of these in 2019. We built a small amount to clear out the leather. Details include front welt pockets, Buffalo Nickel snaps and our signature CCW holster pocket.
** 2019 Discontinued Style | Sizing Limited * *



A classic western-cut vest
Designed with front welt pockets
Buffalo Nickel Snaps
Tough & Bold American Bison Leather 
5oz. cotton lining and multiple inside pockets
Dual CCW Pockets



Sizes Limited * 
Designed In USA - Handcrafted In Mexico
Item#: V49



Leather: American Bison (USA) 3/4oz.
Lining: 4oz Cotton/Polyester 


Every manufacturer scales and sizes slightly different, we chose a traditional sizing scale for our vests.

What this means, is a vest is cut 2” larger in the upper chest circumference than the labeled size.  For example, a size 44” vest is cut to be 46” around the upper chest (actual measurement). This measurement is taken at the bottom of the arm hole of the vest.

Generally speaking, you should order 1-2” larger than your “upper chest” measurement.  If your stomach measure larger than your waist, you will need to order 1” larger than that measurement in order for the vest to comfortably close.


Take a fabric tape measure and place it 1” below your armpit (over clothes). Measure your upper chest circumference. That measurement +1- 2” would be your “order size”in our vest.

When choosing a size size, think about how you will wear your garment. If you plan on wearing bulky clothes (sweatshirt, multiple layers) or using the item for concealed-carry, you may want to order on the larger scale. After you have determined your chest measurement, you will generally add 1-2” larger than that to determine your “order size”.  

Our “Tall Cut” vests are cut 1-½” longer in the back.  Nothing else in the size or fit is different. As a general rule, most of our vests should fall just to your belt. The exception here would be our Outback Canvas & Crossroads Goatskin Vests.  These will fall 2” longer.

We would recommend a “Tall Cut” vest for men with a longer torso or if you are 6’2” or taller.