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Stone-Washed Flap Folio No.324

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The Folio No.324 is designed to effortlessly follow you from your desk to anywhere the road takes you. Features include a business card slot, a left and right side open sleeve, two larger notepad slots and a pen loop discreetly hidden under the leather flap. A masculine and functional companion for your daily notes and ideas, in a compact format and design. Small enough to carry alone or slide into your briefcase or backpack. 

This version is made from our Horween® vegetable-tanned Dublin leather. After construction, they are stone-washed in Los Angeles, California then dried, oiled and waxed back in San Diego. It's an exclusive and totally unique process that gives the product a worn and broken-in look and feel. You can read more about the stone-washed leathers below. 

Included with the folio is a premium notepad, made in USA by the Appointed brand. It features brass wire binding, waterproof cotton bookcloth covers, and smooth 70# paper. Made by Appointed Brand in Washington D.C.
Also included is a 60-page notebook and 32-page small notepad. 
LIMITED EDITION NEW Design:  x20 Made (April 2024)
Tanned, Cut & Sewn In USA

  • Materials
  • Features 
  • Details
  • The Leather
  • Horween® Vegetable Tanned Steerhide (USA)
    Stone-Washed after construction in Los Angeles, CA

    Grid Notebook Included (75-pages) | Made In USA by
    Kraft Notebook (60-Pages): 8.5 x 5.5
    Kraft Notepad (32-Pages): 5.5 x 3.5

  • (L) Panel:  5" x 9" Pocket, Card Slot
    (L) Panel: 5" x 5" Pockets x 2
    (R) Panel: 5" x  9" Pocket
    (1) Pen Loop
    (1) Card Slot
    Flap Snap Closure
    Precise Bonded Nylon Stitching

  • SKU: F324-SW
    7.5" x 9.25" x 1"
    Edges & Hand-Stained, Polished & Waxed
    Individually Marked With Unique 9-Digit Serial#
    Made In USA | Guaranteed For Life

  • Our “Stone-Washed Leather” was inspired by vintage Americana work-wear, denim jeans and leather goods from the 60s'-80's. The process is 100% unique and developed exclusively by us over several years, with the first production run made in the Summer of 2015. 

    We start with a Horween® vegetable-tanned leather in a chestnut tan color. The products are built first, all in our San Diego, California leather shop. After construction, they are stone-washed in Los Angeles, where the company has been stone-washing denim jeans since the 1990’s.  Over the next 2-3 days, each product is brought back to life, involving several methods and steps to bring back the oils and lustre to the leather. There is no shortcut here, the process is 100% by hand and takes time and care. When they are ready, you will see rolled corners, darkened edges, creased flaps and changes in the grain, all making each product amazingly authentic and totally unique. 

    The entire process, starting from leathers we use (Horween® tanned in Chicago), the construction (built in San Diego, CA) and the stone-washing (Los Angeles, CA) is 100% Made In The USA.