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Our Leathers...

Leather is in our brand DNA and in our name, Coronado Leather.  Like most anything from fabrics, woods, hardware and leather, there are so many options today. We don't just use "top-grain" or "genuine leather", we use some of the best domestic and European leathers available in the world today. 


Our brand and philosophies have always aligned well with Horween® Leather in Chicago. They are widely recognized as one of or the finest tannery in the United States. Like us, they are a smaller, specialized tannery relative to the industry around the world. They focus on leathers that you just can't get anywhere else. Leathers like their Chromexcel®, front quarter Horsehides, football leathers and maybe their most famous and complex leather, Shell Cordovan. They have been tanning leather in Chicago since 1905 and we are proud to work with them and consider them great friends.
You can read more about Horween® Leather on their website

Horween® Shell Cordovan®

Weight: 2-3oz.
Tanning: 100% Vegetable Tanned (Pit Tanned 6-Months)
Origin: Chicago (USA)
Temper & Finish: Stiff. Full body with high gloss
Best For: Wallets, Cases, Folios & Trim

Genuine Horween® Shell Cordovan is quite possible the finest leather in the world. Unique in many ways, shell cordovan is known for it's extreme durability, extraordinary bright luster and glass-like surface and the rich cordovan aroma.
The entire tanning process goes through around 100-processes and takes a full 6-months to complete tan, making this the ultimate "Artisan Tanned Leather".  Cordovan is more than just a color, it is a very specific leather from the "butt" of a horsehide.  The oval shaped shells are tanned, stuffed, shaved, and then polished over six months. 
Each shell is slowly steeped in gentle vegetable liquors then hot stuffed & slicked onto glass frames to dry.  They are hand curried and shaved by highly skilled artisans to expose the shell and the dyes are hand rubbed on for a deep aniline finish. Finally, the shells are hand glazed to achieve the rich, glossy look and feel prized by fine craftsmen. 

"INDY" BISON LEATHER Genuine American Bison. Tanned In Milwaukee, WI
Our "Indy" Bison was first introduced in late 2021 and has become one of our most popular and best selling vest leathers. The rugged & tough American bison leather has a "worn-in" vintage look and feel and is fully tanned and finished in Milwaukee, WI (USA). The hides are a full 3-3.5 oz. weight, slightly heavier than most garment leathers, but not as thick as it looks. The deep distressed tannage is everything we love about American bison leather. The natural, bold grain, heavy waxes and healed battle scars set this leather apart.  They are a little heavier & stiffer than our traditional bison leather, but it won't last. Wear the leather like a new pair of western boots and you will feel it soften and mold to your body in days. A unique leather and an exclusive design that you won't find anywhere else.
Products Made From Our INDY BISON Leather
- The Indy Bison Ranchers Vest (click to view)
- Indy Bison Circle-C Vest (click to view)
- Indy Bison Dean No.210 (click to view)

- Indy Bison Dean Vest (click to view



Our "Shrunken" American Bison is a complex and unique leather that has many characteristics of an "exotic" leather. The hides are a full 6-8oz. chrome with a vegetable re-tannange to give the hides a bit more body. They are tanned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) from bison hides that originated in North America. The leather goes through a complex tanning process that shrinks the hide to enhance the already bold natural grain of bison. The hides are sprayed with a wax prior to applying a touch on a "hot chromed mirror plate" to give them a unique, glassy sheen. The pebbled grain is not compromised and is 100% natural.

The finish of the leather has a subtle but sleek sheen with a two-toned "tipping" effect. In our classic "Walnut" color you will see browns & tans all in the same hide. It is a full 6-8oz. in weight and like most bison leathers, extremely durable and tanned and finished in the USA.