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Garrison No. 34 | Dublin

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Our Garrison No.34 was inspired from the wider work belts that were more common in the 1960's. Cut at a true 1-3/4" width that tapers to 1-1/2" at the heal and tip of the belt. A perfect fit for all denim jeans, the wider base makes it comfortable with a bolder look. 

Made from Horween® vegetable tanned Dublin leather, then backed and stitched with a 4oz. nubuck liner. The Garrison No.34 features details like the classic western basketweave stitching pattern, polished, stained and beveled edges all by hand and a stunning solid-brass Italian made buckle. The buckle is a standout piece and the most expensive buckle we have ever used. Made in Italy from a polished solid-brass in the octagon style center-bar buckle that was often found on belts made in the 1960's 

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  • Materials
  • Details
  • Leather
  • Horween® Veg-Tanned Dublin (USA)
    Nubuck leather lined backing
    Solid brass, vintage inspired octagon buckle (Made In Italy)
    Solid brass Chicago screw backs
    SKU: B340

  • 1-3/4” Wide | Tapered tip and heal 1-1/2"
    Hand beveled and stained edges
    Western basketweave stitching

  • Our Horween® Americana leather is a natural, 100% vegetable tanned leather tanned in Chicago, Illinois. The tannage uses Horween's old-fashioned, time proven Shell Cordovan tanning liquors and natural tannins such as organic tree bark. A blend of fats, oils, natural waxes, greases and other organic materials are tanned into the leather giving the hides a durability, softness and a rich round feel. The hides are finished with a "hot-plating" to give them a smoother surface, a rich lustre and a light sheen. The hides are finished with a "hot-plating" to give them a smoother surface, a rich lustre and a light sheen. You will notice a slight "pull-up" effect with lighter undertones and wonderful "leather" smell. The "temper" or firmness of the leather is ideally suited for luggage and cases, with just the right amount of rigidity and body. A true "Artisan" tanned leather made from domestic US hides and tanned start to finish in USA since 1905