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Italian Suede Dean No. 210

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The No. 210 Dean is our second edition, introduced for Fall 2023 with design and fit changes. The classic "Trucker" style jacket has been around for more than 50-years, but never exactly like our No.210.

There is just something about good suede that makes it feel so good in a jacket, while remaining timeless and classic. You will see suede used by the most famous designers and then in casual western clothing, all over the last 50+ years. At the same time, suede is a leather that is vastly different depending how and who is tanning the leather. It can be an economical "split" leather or the complete opposite side of the spectrum, a premium, luxurious suede leather that just looks so cool. Our Suede Dean is absolutely the latter of the two.  The leather Hand-cut from a supple 3oz. cowhide suede and tanned at one of the oldest and most famous suede tanneries in Italy. The hides go through an extensive buffing, sanding and shaving process to create a plush, velvet-like nap that you only find from the finest suede tanneries. At 3-3.5oz. it is still soft and drapey but durable with a "vintage" appeal that we love. We line each jacket with a cotton indigo colored pin-striped chambray lining. The No.210 is artisan crafted in small batch quantities and old-world jacket construction.  Details like double-stitched seams, hand-cut raw edge sections and precise stitching details make the jacket truly unique and heirloom quality built. 

The Dean No.210 is a true "waist" length jacket, vintage inspired with a superb fit. Features include a 6-snap front closure design with the snaps hidden between the leathers. It's easier to open & close and looks a bit more refined when shut. In addition to the four outside pockets, it's built with two additional inside leather pockets, a brass zipper pocket on the inside right and an open patch pocket on the left side.