Q: Where are Coronado Leather products made?

In 2011 we opened our new and much larger Leather Shop in San Diego. We currently make about 80% of our products right here in San Diego, CA USA. What is not made in the US is handmade in our small specialty leather shop in Mexico. Nothing is made IS made outside of North America.

Vest & Jacket Sizing Info

The actual size of our vests will be 2” larger than the labeled size. For example, a size 44 vest will measure 46” in circumference. Coronado jackets are about 4-5” larger than the labeled size. This is pretty standard for US sizing. Typically you would order at or one 1” larger than your upper chest measurement (even numbers only). When choosing your size, consider how you want your vest or jacket to fit and what you would typically wear under the garment. See our Men’s Outerwear Sizing Chart when placing your order.

How do I measure my chest and/or sleeve length?

Chest Measurement should be taken around the fullest part, just under the arms and across the shoulder blades. Do not hold the tape tightly, it should freely rotate without dropping. If you are wanting to wear your vest withe the snaps closed; it is suggested to measure the largest portion of your torso. To measure sleeves, with your arms at your side, measure from the nape of the neck (base of neck) across to the end of your shoulder, then down to your wrist. Measurement should resemble an upside-down L. 

Do you ship to Internationally?

Yes. We currently ship to select countries, please see rates at the checkout. If your country is not listed, please contact our sales department at 619-238-0265 ext. 102 or you can email your NAME, ADDRESS & PRODUCTS TO ORDER to sales@coronadoleather.com and we will email you a shipping quote.

Can you tell me more about the Coronado Leather Lifetime Warranty ?

Follow this link below to learn more about our LIFETIME WARRANTY http://coronadoleather.com/p-6122-lifetime-guarantee.html

Can you shorten the sleeves on my Coronado Leather jacket?

We will shorten the sleeves on your Coronado jacket at no additional charge (only $15. return s/h). Once this alteration is made, the jacket is non-returnable. We recommend that you order the jacket in a standard size with no alterations. Make sure the body size, color and style works for you, then return the jacket back to us with $15 (s/h) and the total inches you need removed from the jacket. Please error on the longer side, as leather jacket sleeves will shrink due to normal break-in after months of use. We will adjust the sleeves to your specifications and return the garment to you UPS or FDEEX Insured. Sleeve alterations can be made for the life of the garment. Sometimes it makes sense to allow the normal break-in time to occur prior to returning the jacket for alterations.

Q: How does the jacket or vest prevent the handgun from sagging or printing on the outside?

This will depend a lot on the type of firearm you are carrying. Most firearms will not show any printing or bulge. In some cases it may not completely prevent it, but it will minimize it quite a bit. Coronado concealment vests are best suited for compact to midsize firearms or full-size, but narrow frame semi-autos such as a Colt Government model. Coronado concealment jackets and coats are will comfortably fit a full-size semi-auto or 3" revolver. See the detailed jacket illustration on the Outerwear homepage for more info.

Are all your products made for concealment?

No. Although concealed-carry products are our specialty, we do make some vests, jackets and bags without concealed-carry pockets. Inquire by email or phone if you are looking for something without concealed-carry pockets. Remember that even if you do not plan on using the product for concealed-carry, the features are 100% functional as hidden pockets for money, jewelry or whatever you would like to carry.

Do I need to special order a jacket or vest if I am left-handed?

No. All Coronado Outerwear products are built with an identical holster pocket on both sides. We recommend you use the opposite pocket to carry a spare magazine, wallet, keys, etc. This will help to distribute the weight of the handgun.

Why are the American Bison products more expensive than the cowhide items?

American Bison leather is truly unique and very much an exotic leather. Typically these leathers cost us about 75-100% more than our cowhide leathers. In addition to their premium cost, the hides are naturally more scarred and marked than most leathers. This creates more cutting waste thus increasing our costs even more.

Is Bison leather the same as Buffalo leather?

No. This is confusing and sometimes commonly and often intentionally misleading by companies. The American Bison is commonly referred to as the American Buffalo or just Buffalo. The only true "Buffalo" is the Asian Water Buffalo. These are not directly related to the American Bison and water buffalo hides bear no real resemblence to American Bison hides. It is widely used as an inexpensive, thinner leather in Asia and other parts of Europe. Make sure that you are buying Genuine American Bison leather.

What is your BEST leather?

We are working on having a complete "Leather Page" on our site soon. This will compare our leathers and their characteristics. We don't use any low-end or cheap leather, so you really cannot go wrong with anything you buy from us. It just depends on what you are looking for in your leather.

What is so unique about American Bison leather?

Bison is known as America's Original Leather, dating back thousands of years. They have forged a mark in American history and truly represent the unbridled freedom of the American West. The tensile strength is stronger than cow, lamb, calf and most leathers. The grain and texture is bold, pronounced and distinctive with larger, natural pebbling and wrinkling. There really is no other leather like American Bison.

Q: How do I order online?

We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to order. When shopping online, simply add an item to your order from any product page by selecting a size, a color, a quantity and clicking "add item." Then, follow the on-screen directions. And, of course, you can always call us at 1-800-283-9509.

What should I expect to happen once I place an online order?

You will immediately receive an online order confirmation. When your order is received, it will be processed within 24 hours or by the next business day.  We'll also notify you via email within 24 hours if your order contains any sold-out or back-ordered items.

How do I know if ordering online is secure? What are you going to do with my name and order information?

We encrypt your personal information, such as your credit card number, when transmitting over the Internet using SSL. When your browser is in secure mode, you will notice a blue bar at the top of the page and an unbroken key or lock at the bottom left corner of the page. Coronado Leather does not rent or sell information we get from Web orders or email registrations to third parties. For more information, see our "Privacy Statement".

Which products are available online, compared to those available through your catalog?

Everything available through our catalog is also available through our Online Store. We hope to soon have a variety of non-standard colors and unique leathers that are sold exclusively through our Online Store. Sign-up for our e-mail list for automatic e-mail notices for this service.

What is your return policy?

We will gladly refund or exchange any product, unworn, undamaged and in new condition within 30 days of receipt of the shipment. We can only refund shipping costs if the return is a result of our error. If you received FREE SHIPPING on your order, a $5.00 charge will be deducted from your credit to partially cover the shipping charges. If there was an error on our end, we will NOT deduct the $5.