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Classic Garment Bison

Classic Garment Bison

 The American bison has long been a part of America’s history and the unbridled freedom of our great country. They have been roaming North America since the prehistoric era. These beautiful and majestic mammals were named the "National Mammal of the United States" in 2016.

The American Bison is indigenous to North America (primarily USA & Canada) and sometimes is referred to as American Buffalo. The confusing part is the true "Buffalo" is a water buffalo that is indigenous to Asia and is not anything like the American Bison.  It's a bit misleading and in some cases intentionally, but the American Bison is not a Buffalo.  Water Buffalo leather is quite common in Asia and India and very different. The hides are smooth with very little grain character, not nearly as durable and quite a bit "cheaper".  Make sure to buy only American Bison Leather. 

Known for its  durability, bold natural pebbled grain and rugged appearance, bison leather is special and unique. Remember that the majority of bison are free-range and roaming. They fight within heards, run into barded-wire & trees and are exposed to other natural elements. Because of this, the hides are rugged, scarred and tanned with these natural. characteristics. It's truly what makes American Bison leather so unique. Please consider this when purchasing bison leather, it is nothing like steerhide, horsehide or lambskin. 

Our "Classic Garment Bison" leather is tanned in the U.S. from domestic North American hides. They are a full-grain, 3-3.5oz. weight with a semi-naked finish and soft, natural hand. They leather is on the heavier side, but will mold and soften substantially over the years. It is a great  hide for vests, jackets or smaller leather goods. We currently offer our Classic Garment Bison in Black, Brown, Mahogany & Saddle.

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