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Genuine "Shrunken" American Bison

Genuine "Shrunken" American Bison

(Tanned In Milwaukee, WI USA)

Known for its  durability, bold natural pebbled grain and rugged appearance, bison leather is special and unique. Remember that the majority of bison are free-range and roaming. They fight within heards, run into barded-wire & trees and are exposed to other natural elements. Because of this, the hides are rugged, scarred and tanned with these natural characteristics. It's truly what makes American Bison leather so unique. 

Our "Shrunken" American Bison is one of our favorite and most unique leathers. The hides are tanned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) from bison hides that originated in North America. The leather goes through a complex tanning process that shrinks the hide to enhance the already bold natural grain of bison. The result is a stunning leather with a firm but not stiff feel. The finish of the leather has a subtle but sleek sheen with a two-toned "tipping" effect in the color. In our classic "Walnut" color you will see browns & tans all in the same hide. 

The leather is combination tanned in chrome with a vegetable retannage to give the hide more structure and stiffness. It is a full 6/7oz. in weight and like most bison leather, extremely durable. The grain is 100% natural without any plating or artificial embossing (a technique used to give the hide an artificial grain appearance). 

Our "Shrunken" American Bison Luggage Collection showcases the durability, bold textures and rugged appearance of this amazing leather. The designs embrace the unique & natural character of the leather, no two are alike. We trim and strap each item with a smooth Horween® latigo leather (Tanned in Chicago, IL). The edges are hand-stained and polished and we use oversized brass Ykk #10 zippers (Made in Georgia). True heirloom quality products that are built for generations. 
All 100% designed, cut & sewn in our San Diego, CA leather shop. 


 The American bison has long been a part of America’s history and the unbridled freedom of our great country and have been roaming North America since the prehistoric era. These beautiful, strong and majestic mammals were named the "National Mammal of the United States" in 2016. 

We use only genuine American Bison leathers, tanned in the US. 

Although the terms are interchanged often, there is a distinct difference between “American Bison” and “Buffalo”.  Whether intentional or not, you will see companies using “Buffalo” leather in a way that implies they are using “Bison” leather, with logos and brands of the American Bison in their marketing. The fact is, these are two completely different animals that are indigenous to different continents and have nothing in common. 

The American Bison is indigenous only to North American, primarily USA and CANADA. The “BUFFALO” is either the Water Buffalo primarily from Asia and the Cape Buffalo found in Africa. Neither of which is related to the American Bison, nor do they have the same leather characteristics or value. Buffalo leather is quite inexpensive, does not have the natural “Bison” grain or the durability and strength of American Bison. 

If you want a product that is distinctly American, rugged, durable and unique, buy genuine American Bison products.


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