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Sedona Bison Belt #100 | Black

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Our signature belt made from our exclusive "Shrunken" American bison leather and a tan colored nubuck backing to keep the belt from sliding. A classic and versatile design that can be worn with jeans or your favorite chinos.

The double-layered belt is a full 9oz. thick and almost completely hand-crafted. The bison top is edge-skived or tapered with precision, then polished, beveled and burnished to a smooth edge. They are finished with bold 138-nylon thread and a solid-brass buckle with Chicago screws that will allow you to remove and replace the buckle if needed. 
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100% Designed, Cut & Sewn In USA

  • Materials
  • Details
  • US Tanned Genuine American Bison Leather (5-6oz)
    Tan 100% Vegetable Tanned Nubuck Backed
    Solid Brass Buckle (ITALY)
    Brass Chicago Screws

  • Precise Hand-Skived (tapered) Edges
    Bold 138-Bonded Nylon Thread
    Burnished, Beveled & Stained Edges
    1-½" Wide
    SKU: BL100


    • Our "Shrunken" American Bison is one of our favorite and most unique leathers. The hides are chrome and vegetable re-tanned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) from bison hides that originated in North America. The leather goes through a complex tanning process that shrinks the hide to enhance the already bold natural grain of bison. The hides are sprayed with a wax prior to applying a touch on a "hot chromed mirror plate" to give them a unique, glassy sheen. The pebbled grain is not compromised and is 100% natural. 
      • The finish of the leather has a subtle but sleek sheen with a two-toned "tipping" effect in the color. In our classic "Walnut" color you will see browns & tans all in the same hide. It is a full 6/7oz. in weight and like most bison leathers, extremely durable. All tanned and finished in the USA.
    Learn more about our signature Shrunken Bison leather