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Stone-Washed Products (COVID-19 Update) April 2020

Our Stone-Washed products are some of our best-selling collections. Our partner is based in Los Angeles, CA and they are quite large (200+ employees). They wash for just about every large denim brand worldwide and have been in business since the 1970's. 
Due to COVID-19, they are currently shut-down as a "non-essential business".  We have been speaking with them weekly and it appears they expect to re-open at the end of April or early May 2020. 
Our stone-washed products are built in San Diego then we drive them to Los Angeles for the "Washing". We are giving customers the option to take any of the stone-washed products "un-washed" for now and they can be returned to us at a later date for the "stone-washing".  If you opt for this, we will cover the shipping cost and we will need the product for 7-10 days max.  Any orders that are not currently in-stock will ship in May 2020 (hopefully in the first or second week of the month). 
If you would like to see how the leather looks prior to stone-washing, check our Americana Collection. This is the same leather used for our "Stone-Washed" products, Horween Dublin leather. 
In the meantime, we are offering a 25% off discount on any & all stone-washed products.
25% STONE WASHED COLLECTION (expires May 1, 2020)