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The Leather Vault

In October 2022 we are excited to be launching our new “Leather Vault”.  Th

In October 2022 we are excited to launch our new “Leather Vault''. Best described as a VIP leather collectors club with exclusive designs, rare leathers and small production run quantities. The Leather Vault products will range from luggage, to wallets, cases, vests and more. The quantities will be as small as 3 and usually not more than 20 pieces. All marked with a unique serial# and sold for the first 10-days in the Leather Vault.  

We are only inviting our customers that have purchased from us in the last two years. If you opt in, we will require a mobile phone number to join. You will receive a text message with a unique 5-digit code to gain access to the Leather Vault product offerings as they open. 


Over the past 20-years my passion for leather has continued to expand. I love designing leathergoods as much as I love looking and seeking out leathes that fit our brand, meet our expectations and are just unique. I am fortunate to have great relationships with amazing tanneries and people around the world. First and foremost at Horween Leather in Chicago. 

Over this time we have and continue to find leathers that are unique in one way or another. Small batch lots, sample runs and other leathers with great stories. Leathers like Horween® front-quarter “Natural M” Horsehide is a perfect example. Skip at Horween had two very small batches of an amazing Espresso and Natural color (enough to make maybe 20-30 bags). I had these hides for almost 3-years waiting for the right time, product and customer for them. This is where my love for leather is not always great for business! I would rather hold the leather for the right project and customer than force it into the market or on our website. The problem is we have accumulated a “vault” of leathers like this that we now want to release and build into something special. That is the foundation of “The Leather Vault”.

After 40-years in the leather business, we have enough customers to support a small collectors club like The Leather Vault. Customers that will appreciate and enjoy these very Limited Edition leathers and products.