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Exclusive VIP Invite Access Only | Micro-Batch Production & Rare Leathers

Leather Is At The Core Of Our Brand

I love designing leathergoods as much as I love seeking out the best leathers for our products. Leather is at the core of our brand and I am fortunate to have great relationships with amazing tanneries and people around the world. Tanneries like Horween® in Chicago that align so well with our designs and our company in general.

For the past twenty-five years I have been sourcing, collecting and developing these leathers that I love and that fit our brand so well. Over this time, we have found leathers that are unique in one way or another. Small batch lots, custom leathers, sample runs and other leathers with great stories and histories. It sounds crazy, but sometimes leathers that hold emotional value to myself or the tanneries. Leathers that I didn’t want to just “sell” but rather “offer” to customers that recognize their value and appreciate their history and/or story. Many of these leathers are in micro-batches of 200-500sf and others that were tanned more than 65-years ago, like our Horween “Timber Tanned” Calfskin leather. This fall we will start to release these leather products in exclusive, private sales events in our Leather Vault.

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Forty Years In The Making...

After 40-years in the leather business, we have enough customers to support a VIP premium leather program like the Leather Vault. As one of our valued customers, I am personally inviting you to join. As the founder/designer and owner, my main goal is to offer you truly unique, very limited edition products and leathers that you will not see anywhere else.

If you opt in (see below), we will require a mobile phone number to join. You will receive a text message with a unique 5-digit code to gain access to the Leather Vault product offerings as they open. In some cases you will have a special discount code, but either way you will have early access to some very unique, exclusive products made in the USA in small batch quantities.


After forty-years in the leather business, it's time to do something special for our VIP customers.

- Brent Laulom, Designer|Owner

Micro-Batch Production | Made In USA

Today, so many products are mass-produced and bigger brands make thousands or hundreds of thousands of “cookie-cutter” products in bulk. Products that lack character and uniqueness and look like they came off an assembly line in overseas factories. That may work for some products but it’s not what our country was built on and it’s not what I want to create at Coronado Leather.

The “Leather Vault'' is the exact opposite of that, where less IS more. It is best described as a VIP leather collectors club with exclusive designs, rare leathers and small production run quantities made in USA. The products will range from luggage, to wallets, cases, vests and more. The quantities will be as small as 3 and usually not more than 20 pieces. All marked with a unique serial# and sold for the first 10-days in the Leather Vault only. If after 10-days there is leftover inventory, we will move them to our website in the LIMITED EDITION section at the full retail price.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the NEW Leather Vault club!