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Stone-Washed Essex Rucksack No.180 | x 10

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The Stone-Washed Rucksack is an exclusive design inspired by vintage military "Rucksacks" made in the 1940's-60's. The rounded base, bound flap and leather drawstring closures are all features common in those styles. We added our own design details such as a leather internal laptop sleeve, a hanging utility pocket, leather drawstring riveted caps and wide, double layered guitar-style shoulder straps, to name a few.

This LIMITED EDITION version was made in October 2023 from two amazing Horween® vegetable-tanned leathers that are stone-washed in Los Angeles, CA after construction.  The Horween® "Essex" leather is a 5/6 oz. leather and we accent the bags with Horween® horsehide straps and trim for durability . Both leathers are a true 100% vegetable tanned leather in a natural color. The Essex is lightly bleached to give it a pure, clean natural color and the horsehide is a natural color that becomes more of a tan when washed and oiled. 

finished with solid- brass Italian hardware and is completely leather lined throughout. The stone-washing gives each rucksack its own authentic and unique appearance. You can read more about the stone-washing below. The entire process is proudly American made. We start with leather tanned at the Horween® tannery in Chicago, Il to the design and construction at our San Diego, California leather shop. After the bags are completed, they are stone-washed in done in Los Angeles, California.

NEW Limited Edition | Natural Horween® Essex Leather & Horsehide Straps & Trim (Only x10 Made)
* model pictures show in darker "Tan" color for scale only
Tanned & Built In USA | Individually Marked & Registered With A 9-Digit Serial#

  • Details
  • Features 
  • The Leather
  • The Stone-Washing 
  • Horween® Vegetable Tanned Steerhide |Natural  (USA)
    Horween® Horsehide Straps & Trim
    Solid Brass Hardware (ITALY & USA)
    Leather Lined
    Individual Internal Serial# (Marked & Logged)
    Designed & Built In USA
    15" x 12" x 5"
    SKU: VA180-EN

  • Open main compartment with wide top opening
    Leather draw-string top closure and front flap closure with buckle
    Two front pockets with buckle closure
    Inside Leather Laptop Pocket
    Inside Leather Zipper Pocket
    Inside Hanging Leather Utility Pocket (3 pockets)
    Removable Leather Straps (Double Layered Belt Style

  • Made from Horween® "Essex" leather in a 5/6 oz. and trimmed with Horween® horsehide straps and trim.  Both leathers are a true 100% vegetable tanned leather in a natural color. The Essex is lightly bleached to give it a pure, clean natural color and the horsehide is a natural color that becomes more of a tan when washed and oiled. You can read more about Horween® Essex below. The leathers are built from Horween® leather, a historic tannery that has been operating in Chicago, Illinois for more than 100-years. The leathers are 100% vegetable tanned with natural tree barks and other organic materials. The process is more environmentally friendly while giving the leather a more natural, look, feel and aroma. 

  • After the products are built, we drive them to the premier "wash house" in Los Angles that stone-washes denim jeans for the largest and best denim brands in the US. The products are then stone-washed, rinsed and dried in the California sun. Over the next 2-3 days we shape, oil and condition them by hand, one-by-one. A process that cannot be done fast, only right. During these days, the leather softens, the edges darken and the flaps roll over to create a distinctly unique and incredibly authentic product that appears aged and worn. The entire process, starting from leathers we use, starts and ends in the USA. The leather is tanned in Chicago, the bags are built in San Diego and stone-washed in Los Angeles. A unique process that we pioneered and perfected over the last 10-years.

HORWEEN® LEATHER | Tanned In Chicago Since 1905

Horween Leather Company has been tanning leather in Chicago, IL for more than 100-years (Since 1905). They are five generation, family run company that we are proud to be working with. As true artisans of their craft, they are recognized world-wide as one of the premier tanners of leathers like horsehide, shell cordovan, football leather, basketball & baseball leather and more. Today, their leathers are still made by hand, the same way as generations ago.