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Horsehide x Shell Collection No. 319

HORWEEN Horsehide x Shell Collection No. 319
Available Exclusively In Our PIONEER SHOP |  March 7 - March 25, 2019

Collection No.319

Collection No. 319 is a Limited Edition offering built from three amazing Horween leathers. 

We start with a 4/5oz. horsehide leather in a rich and very deep espresso color. The bags are elegantly trimmed with Horween’s most famous Shell Cordovan accents and stout latigo for the handles and straps. 

Each bag will carry a unique serial# and finished with solid-brass hardware and 100% American craftsmanship.  

THE LEATHERS...something special

Sometime in December last year, I received a package of gifts from my good friend Skip Horween.  What I consider "gifts" from Skip are usually pens, as we are both collectors, or leather.  This time was the latter, a shipment of some sample skins he felt I would enjoy experimenting with. 

One of the sample skins was very deep brown horsehide leather called "Natural M".  According to Skip it was used in the 1950's as an industrial type leather with some unique applications. It so happens to be really, really nice for bags and it is not something they tan very often. It has a unique, slightly stiff temper with a light pull-up effect and quite pliable for a lighter-weight leather.  It gauges around 4-5oz. but is not very heavy.  Of course horsehide is a very tough leather, hence it use for baseballs some time ago and some of the finest leather riding jackets today (see Schott Leather). 

Once I figured out that I wanted to make some very cool men's bags in this leather, I really wanted to incorporate some surprise details. Horween is probably best known for their Shell Cordovan leather. This is an entire other article, but basically it is simply put, some of the finest most sought-after leather in the world. The shell is the backside of the horse, so the skins are small and really used for the finest men's shoes (see Alden).  I  used Shell Cordovan for accent's on the bags (D-ring holders, handle wraps, etc.).  The contrast of the sleek, glossy shell looks quite handsome against the matte deep brown horsehide. ]

When the samples came together, I really felt like we made some special bags from some really special leathers. You see Horween Chromexcel quite a bit now days (and I love that leather!), but this Natural M Horsehide is just different and not really used very often. I hope our customers are excited as I am to see these new bags. 



We proudly design & craft this entire collection in San Diego, California. A small and talented crew of about 19 men and women all play a part in the crafting of our products.  Most bags will go through as many as seven different departments and ten different people, a true team effort to build each and every Coronado Leather product.

Made with uncompromising construction details like hand-cut panels, beveled, polished and stained raw edges and precise stitching makes every Coronado product unique.

Horsehide x Shell Weekender No. 319

Designed in a unique shape that is slightly vintage yet very functional.  The top zipper opens 31" wide for easy-access to the interior. Two front straps can be used for carrying a magazine, newspaper or an umbrella.  The contrasting Horween Shell Cordovan accents gives them a unique and bold look. The top is secured with a stout Ykk #10 (USA) brass zipper and each piece is individually serial-numbered.

Horsehide x Shell Briefcase No. 319

Designed to be classic, streamlined and functional with full-length inside zipper pockets, utility pockets and and brass swivel for your pouch or keys. The contrasting Horween Shell Cordovan accents gives them a unique and bold look. The top is secured with a stout Ykk #10 (USA) brass zipper and each piece is individually serial-numbered.


Made from the the finest combination of Horween leathers, solid-brass hardware and our LIFETIME WARRANTY, you won't find better American Made leather goods anywhere.


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