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NEW Pioneer Vest Collection | October 22, 2018

In the Summer of 1989 we designed and build our first leather (CCW) concealed-carry wear vest. It was classic black motorcycle vest that was common in the 80’s built with internal ccw pockets, something not so easy to find back then.

Today, we still design & build a complete collection of men’s leather vests from premium leathers, quality brass YKK zippers and custom sourced snaps,
all with internal CCW pockets

We design all of our vests & jackets in our California Leather Shop and built them in our own custom leather shop in Mexico,  where generations of leather crafting knowledge has been passed down. Our craftsmen here work only on outerwear and nothing else. Each vest cut by hand from the finest quality hides from around the world.  We hand-set snap holes, skive edges & pride ourselves on designing functional and timeless vest designs.

I still remember the Pomona Gun Show in the summer of 1989 where we sold our first black leather CCW Vest.  Little did we know that would turn into one of our best selling products for the next 30-years! 

by Brent Laulom


America’s original leather and a quintessential part of America’s history, the American Bison represents the unbridled freedom of our great country.

This Bison tannage used in this vest is a 3-4oz. leather with a garment type drape.  It is supple yet inherently durable with a naturally pronounced pebble-grain surface.  The vest is guaranteed to look better a year after you first wear it!

One of the strongest and toughest commercial leathers used today, American Bison by nature is a fighting animal and will have more scars and scratches than cowhide, goatskin or lambskin (no two bison hides are alike).  Our American Bison vests are designed to embrace and showcase the natural scarring, range markings and other grain variations that make this leather so unique.


Some of the little things we like to mention....We use really good materials and it shows.

Our zippers are almost exclusively YKK USA. We use a #5 metal zipper on the Crossroads Vest. It is made in USA and brass base metal. They are the worldwide leader in zippers and they just last.  We don't need to repair these too often!

The linings in the vests will vary by leather and style, but again we use quality fabrics that not only look good but last long. The Bison Crossroads will have a 5.5oz. polyester/cotton plaid.  It is pretty cool looking against the black bison leather.  In the Nubuc version pictured below, we use a 7oz. 100% nylon flight satin.  It is sleeker and matches the color of the leather in a solid tone.


This is a really great leather that looks and feels very "Fall" like. Nubuc is basically a top-grain leather that is slightly buffed on the surface. This gives it a softer, casual look while still maintaining the top-grain structure of the hide for strength.  

Our Nubuc Crossroads Vest is softer and lighter-weight than the bison version. Still a durable leather that will last a lifetime, it's just a matter of hour style and preference. 

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