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Bison Heritage Billfold No.12 | Black

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The Bison Heritage Billfold No. 12 is our first hand-sewn wallet made from our signature shrunken American Bison leather and Horween® inside trim.  

A handsome, premium crafted wallet constructed from two unique leathers.  Each billfold is precision die-cut, split to the optimum thickness and reinforced with a clear-coat backing.  They are then hand-sewn with traditional saddle-stitching techniques using heavy-duty Spanish waxed thread. The edges are sanded and beveled, stained and waxed all 100% by hand.

Each wallet is cut from the larger grain pattern on the "shoulder" of the bison hide. We trim each hide at the shoulder/neck area to maintain better grain consistency. The trimmed shoulder section of the hide is small but has the largest, boldest grain pattern, resembling an exotic skin.   

  • Materials
  • Features 
  • Details
  • Shrunken Americana Bison 6/7oz. (USA)
    Horween® Dublin Leather Internal Spine (USA)
    Premium Waxed Hand-Sewing Thread (Spain)

  • 100% Handsewn & Traditional Saddle Stitched Construction
    Six Card Slot Design
    One Main Billfold Pocket
    Traditional Saddle Stitched Construction
    Hand Sanded, Beveled, Stained & Waxed Edges

  • Dimensions: 4 ¼” X 3 ½”
    SKU: 8212
    Cut & Hand-Sewn In USA


      Our "Shrunken" American Bison is one of our favorite and most unique leathers. The hides are chrome and vegetable re-tanned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) from bison hides that originated in North America. The leather goes through a complex tanning process that shrinks the hide to enhance the already bold natural grain of bison. The hides are sprayed with a wax prior to applying a touch on a "hot chromed mirror plate" to give them a unique, glassy sheen. The pebbled grain is not compromised and is 100% natural. 
        The finish of the leather has a subtle but sleek sheen with a two-toned "tipping" effect in the color. In our classic "Walnut" color you will see browns & tans all in the same hide. It is a full 6/7oz. in weight and like most bison leathers, extremely durable. All tanned and finished in the USA.
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