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Vintage Washed Horsehide Wallet No.620 | LE

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MADE FOR HOLIDAY 2022 (Only x20 pieces available

One our favorite leathers to use is Horween® Horsehide vegetable tanned strips. This is the first time we made a wallet in this leather. Released as a SPECIAL LIMITED HOLIDAY EDITION and only 20 made. This is a true natural veg horsehide but stone-washed and oiled to a golden tan color. The beauty of this leather in a wallet is the dense, tight grain and bullet-proof durability. There is really nothing like a veg-tanned horsehide leather. It won't stretch out over the years, it will patina and darken in a truly unique way and it just looks great in our stone-washed finish. 

Our classic six-card wallet individually cut and hand-sewn with traditional saddle stitching then stone washed, oiled and waxed to give the wallet a unique worn and aged appearance. After hand-sewing each wallet is stone-washed in a 100-year old denim wash house in Los Angeles. The result is a staple piece that looks aged to perfection. 
100% Tanned, Cut & Sewn In USA

* Please note that monogrammed items are not eligible for returns or exchanges 

  • Materials
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  • Horween® Vegetable Tanned Horsehide (USA)
    Stone-Washed After Construction
    Spanish Waxed Hand-Sewing Thread

  • 6-card design with horizontal bill slot
    Hand-Sewn Construction (Traditional Saddle-Stitched)
    Stone-Washed, oiled & waxed
    100% Leather Lined (no synthetic or fabric)
    LIMITED EDITION (Holiday 2022) x20 Made

  • 4 ⅜ “ x 3 ½ “
    SKU: VH620-HN
    Guaranteed For Life
    Designed & Built In USA


      Inspired by vintage Americana work-wear, denim jeans and leather goods from the 70’s-80’s, our Vintage Stone-Washed Collection is like nothing else we have made. Each piece is crafted in our San Diego shop using a vegetable tanned Horween® leather, heavy #277 beige thread, solid-brass (Antiqued) hardware and stone-washed in Los Angeles, California after construction. Vegetable tanned leathers are a traditional artisan and labor intensive tanning process that creates unique characteristics in an environmentally friendly manner. The hides are processed in large wooden drums with natural tree bark tannins, waxes and Horween’s proprietary tanning liquors.
      After washing, the wallets are air-dried, conditioned and oiled to bring back the luster of the leather. The darkened edges and wrinkled corners are all genuine and unique to each piece. The results are amazingly authentic, with a new wallet that appears old, worn and broken-in.