In 1981 we began making women’s handbags, and a few years later our first CCW handbag was created. We are proud of our roots, the journey we’ve taken, and the improvements we’ve made. We’ve pushed ourselves to design and perfect our craftsmanship while staying true to our roots as a USA based, family owned business.

Today we offer a complete collection of American made handbags designed with and without concealed carry pockets. We believe that using the finest leathers and hardware along with practical features and function is what our customers have come to expect from Coronado Leather handbags.

Concealed Carry Features (CCW)

As one of the pioneers in concealed carry handbags during the 1980’s, we learned by experience, customer interaction and feedback, how to design and build a CCW handbag with style, function and durability. Each bag noted CCW includes our signature key-locking concealment pocket and universal retention strap. We ensure that the openings are large enough to safely and comfortably draw a compact to medium sized handgun. Our philosophy has always been to design first then incorporate our CCW function into the handbag, staying committed to safety and quality that will last for generations to come.