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Raglan Vintage Horsehide No. 410 | Blk/Gray LE x 20

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The No. 410 Vintage Raglan is a FIRST & ONLY LIMITED EDITION Jacket made in this combination. This is a true ONE-OF-A-KIND jacket made from genuine Horween® front quarter Horsehide.  

The "diamond stitched" gray polyester liner was made for us in the 1990's and stocked in our warehouse for 30+ years!. This deadstock lining is in perfect condition and is a genuine 3M quilted Thinsulate® in a gray color.  It's not overly bulky and designed to add an extra level of warmth. We had a small roll left that made just (20) jackets, so this is the last of it. To maintain the true "vintage" design and feel, we used a premium solid-brass Japanese made vintage zipper. The Universal brand zippers have cotton tape, flat brass pulls and the original 1950-60's U shaped top stops. A premium zipper that aligns well with this unique liner and amazing horsehide leather. 

This is a (20) piece limited edition that will not be made again. A great looking jacket that comes together really nicely. The raglan sleeve is cut from the collar of the jacket to create more space in the underarm area for ease of movement and comfort. You can read more about the fit and leather below. Made from premium Horween® horsehide leather in a smooth black, waxy finish. It's a lighter weight horsehide in a jet black finish and an amazing look and feel. We use domestic US milled wool knit waistband and cuffs that are made in Wisconsin and vintage Japanese made "Universal" brand brass zippers made in Japan. 

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* Only x20 Made March 2024 | Final Edition
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  • The Materials
  • The Details
  • The Fit
  • The Leather
  • Horween Front-Quarter Horseshide | Pinnacle Black (Chicago, IL)
    Premium 3M Thinsulate® Quilted Lining (Gray) * Deadstock from 90's
    Vintage Ykk "Universal" Brand Zippers (Japan)
    Premium USA Made Wool Knit Cuffs & Waistband (Black)

  • Waist Length Back:  25" - 27"
    Vintage Construction With Double Stitched Seams 
    Vintage Inspired Raglan Sleeve Design
    EXCLUSIVE Custom Design & Custom Tanned Leather

    (2) 6" Slanted Hand Pockets
    Inside Wallet & Inside Cell Pocket
    Designed In California & Hand-Crafted In Mexico
    SKU: J410-PKG

  • The fit and sleeve of a Raglan sleeve garment is to create a wider underarm area allowing additional space when wearing bulky layers. Raglan sleeves are more common is shooting jackets to allow ease of movement and additional comfort. The sleeve starts at the collar of the jacket and there is no shoulder seam. 

    The Raglan No.410 is straight cut through the body but the elastic will cinch in at the waist. The cut is very much a vintage inspired design with a short waist-length cut and a full size collar. Overall the cut is a little slimmer but the sleeves and straight-cut body are fuller.  Order your standard jacket size or 1-size larger.
  • Made from a new Horween® front-quarter horsehide leather. The Pinnacle is lightweight but not thin and quite durable. The hides are a full 3.5oz. on average with a light sheen, smooth grain and a fantastic feel and drape. Unlike our "Vintage Horsehide" that needs a break-in, the Pinnacle horse is soft, flexible and drapey from day one. A more refined finish that is available in Black, Cognac & Brown, tanned at the world-famous Horween® tannery in Chicago, Illinois. 

    The horsehide leathers from Horween® originate primarily from Europe and Japan and the hides are a by-product of the meat industry in Europe and Asia. We do not promote the consumption of horse meat, but it has been a source of food in parts of Europe and Asia for thousands of years. We are simply recycling the hides into something of value.